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Google Pixel 5 release date reportedly end of September

Google Pixel 5 release date leaks: 30th September
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel 5 will launch on 30th September, according to tech analyst Jon Prosser. The founder of Front Page Tech, who has a good track record with leaks, claims a well-placed source has provided him with the launch date. He says it's the same source who correctly predicted that the Pixel 4a would launch on 3rd August.

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In a subsequent post in the same Twitter thread, Prosser elaborates, saying the Pixel 5 5G will be available in black and green at launch, and that the black Pixel 4a 5G will go on sale on the same day. The white Pixel 4a 5G will follow in October, according to his source.

A previous leak suggested the Pixel 5 would launch on 8th October, so if Prosser is correct it could arrive a bit sooner than expected.

While Google did mention the device at the Pixel 4a launch, it hasn't revealed much about the Pixel 5. All it has said is that it will arrive "this fall".

It's expected to be an affordable flagship phone with an improved camera, 5G for super fast browsing and downloads, and of course Android 11. You can read all of the Google Pixel 5 news, leaks and rumours here.

This fall, Google is also expected to announce an Android TV streaming dongle and a follow up to the Google Home smart speaker. Prepare yourself for a prolific Google hardware event soon, then.


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