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Get a free Google Chromecast with 3 months of Spotify Premium

Never tried Spotify? Or using Spotify for free? You can pick up a free Google Chromecast if you take the plunge and pay for three months of Spotify Premium.

Shell out £29.97 - that's the standard rate for three months' of Spotify Premium (£9.99) - and you'll get a voucher for the Google Play store, which can be redeemed for a Chromecast (but not a Chromecast Audio, it seems).

The deal is available in the UK and the US until the end of the month (28th February), or while stocks last.

Crucially, it's only available to new Premium customers - it's not available to current or previous Premium subscribers, and that includes if you've had a Spotify Premium trial at any point.

Still, if you were thinking of trying a paid-for streaming option for the first time, this might be a good excuse to make the leap.

Click here to see full details of the deal.