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German TV and audio manufacturer Loewe lands Down Under in mass market

(Image credit: Loewe)

Loewe TV and audio components, once available only from specialist retail outlets in Australia, are now also available from a mass retailer for the first time – The Good Guys. 

This surprise development, today announced by Australian Loewe importer Indi Imports, comes on the heels of Indi Imports' previously-announced partnerships with Qantas, and with David Jones. 

“Loewe is the brand of choice for consumers who value a distinctive style with an iconic, timeless design,” said Paul Riachi, of Indi Imports. “Partnering with The Good Guys we felt was the right choice in direction." 

"Their management team and Indi will be working together closely to display this iconic German brand in its entirety, so The Good Guys will be ranging all the TV models from Bild 1 to Bild 9 and all the audio models from Klang 1 to Klang 9. All these products are manufactured by Loewe in Kronach, Germany, along with the company’s upcoming mobile technology.”

For more information, contact Indi Imports.