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EE TV box takes aim at YouView

The EE TV set-top box has all the Freeview channels with four HD tuners, a 1TB hard disk drive, dual-band Wi-Fi, and the ability to pause and rewind live content.

You can control the device using a free app (there's a standard remote, too), and also 'Flick' content from your phone or tablet to the EE TV box. You'll also be able to play content on the box on your phone or tablet when you're not at home.

'Multiscreen' allows you to watch up to four programmes at once across multiple screens in your home at no extra cost. This includes live and recorded content, which can be streamed to mobile phones and tablets using the Android and iOS remote app. So one EE TV box should be able to keep a family of four happy, whatever you want to watch.

Other EE TV features include 'Replay', which allows you to watch anything from the last 24 hours on your favourite channels, and 'MultiRecord', which takes advantage of the four tuners to allow for four recordings to take place at once.

All the 70+ Freeview channels are on board, as well as access to apps including BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 and YouTube.

The box sees EE take on YouView, which offers a similar set-top box experience and is backed by BT and TalkTalk.

The EE TV box will be free for EE broadband and landline phone customers, with various packages for EE mobile users starting from £9.95/month for EE TV bundles.

Sold separately, the EE TV box will be £300 and is compatible with all UK digital TV sets.

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