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Bristol Show 2015: Booplinth aims to give your Linn LP12 a sonic boost

We came across this intriguing new product in the Quadraspire room: called Booplinth, it's "an innovative and advanced plinth design" machined from a solid bamboo laminate block.

The idea is that you place your Linn LP12 turntable within it (fitting can be done by a qualified Linn specialist) and the result, the maker claims, will be "a more revealing presentation, reduced colouration, greater transparency and dynamics".

The Booplinth can accommodate all the Linn's mechanics, lid, top plate, arm board, base board or Trampolin. It's manufactured by Quadraspire exclusively for the Booplinth company, sells for £1650 and is available from Booplinth ( in natural, cherry, ebony and black finishes.

Also new from Quadraspire is the company's flagship X-Reference hi-fi rack (shown on the left of the picture, with a Booplinth on top) which costs £1000/tier.