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Black Friday TV deal: get the Award-winning Samsung UE49RU8000 for just £489

Black Friday TV deal: get the Award-winning Samsung UE49RU8000 for just £489
(Image credit: Future / The Expanse, Amazon Prime)

It makes sense when sub-standard products get a big discount but is always more surprising when something really, really good has its price cut. Still, we're not going to look a gift horse in the mouth and that's exactly what this Amazon TV deal represents.

We gave the 49-inch Samsung UE49RU8000 five stars and an Award at its original price of £749 but Amazon has still seen fit to knock £260 off that price, making it a sub-£500 bargain.

Samsung UE49RU8000 4K HDR TV £749 £489 at Amazon
Another Award-winning TV - and one that's just had a third big discount. The 49-inch RU8000 is an excellent TV with lots of detail, super-sharp edges and great colours. It's also got the best, most app-laden operating system out there. A serious bargain at this price.View Deal

This is a TV that offers most of the performance of the company’s excellent flagship 49in QLED set but with a (now even more) significant discount. The Q70R offers slightly brighter highlights and marginally more vibrant colours, but it’s surprising how close the RU8000 gets to the performance of its more expensive, QLED-based sibling. 

It’s a brilliantly detailed image with sharp, clearly defined edges that render each scene with excellent depth and solidity. And the colours, while a little less vibrant than the Q70’s, are nicely judged, with a natural balance that rings true.

While it’s not quite as dynamic as the Q70, the RU8000 is a punchy, enticing performer that merrily makes the most of HDR10 and HDR10+ content.

The RU8000 also gets the same brilliant operating system as Samsung's flagship QLEDs, making the TV a delight to use and absolutely jam-packed with apps, including the awesome Apple TV app.

This TV was a great buy at £749 so is an absolute steal at £489.


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