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Latest Aussie reviews from Sound+Image and Australian Hi-Fi magazines

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(Image credit: Future)

Looking for the latest online reviews from Australian Hi-Fi and Sound+Image? Look no further...

Wireless headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 wireless headphones (Image credit: Audio-Technica)

805 D4

Bowers & Wilkins 805 D4 standmount loudspeakers (Image credit: Bowers & Wilkins)


Phono stage: Gold Note PH-1000

Gold Note PH-1000 phono stage (Image credit: Gold Note)

portable projector: BenQ GV30

BenQ GV30 portable projector (Image credit: BenQ)


Bookshelf Speaker: Polk Audio Reserve R200

Polk Audio Reserve R200 standmount speakers (Image credit: Polk Audio)


Subwoofer: Velodyne DB-12

Velodyne DB12 subwoofer (Image credit: Velodyne Acoustics)


Floorstanding Speaker: Paradigm Premier 800F

Paradigm Premier 800F floorstanding speakers (Image credit: Paradigm)


Music Server: Silent Angel Rhein Z1 V2

Silent Angel Rhein Z1 V2 music streamer (Image credit: Australian Hi-Fi Magazine)


AV Receiver: Anthem MRX 540

Anthem MRX 540 AV Receiver (Image credit: Anthem)

Mini LED TV: TCL 55C825

TCL 55C825 Mini LED TV (Image credit: TCL)

Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD

Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD loudspeakers (Image credit: Harbeth)

PS Audio Stellar M1200

PS Audio Stellar M1200 mono amplifier (Image credit: PS Audio)

BenQ TK700STi

BenQ TK700STi gaming projector (Image credit: BenQ)

Revel Performa3 M105

Revel Performa3 M105 loudspeakers (Image credit: Harman)

SugarCube SC-2 Mini

SugarCube SC-2 Mini vinyl recording system (Image credit: SweetVinyl)


Denon CEOL N11DAB (Image credit: Denon)

Richter Harlequin S6

Richter Harlequin S6 floorstanding speakers (Image credit: Richter)

Yamaha RX-A2A

Yamaha Aventage RX-A2A AV receiver (Image credit: Yamaha Music Australia)

Aqua La Scala MkII Optologic

Aqua La Scala MkII Optologic DAC (Image credit: Aqua)


Music Hall mmf-1.5 turntable (Image credit: Music Hall)

Dan D’Agostino Progression Integrated

Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems Progression Integrated amplifier (Image credit: Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems)

TCL Ray Danz TS9030

TCL Ray Danz TS9030 soundbar (Image credit: TCL)

Marantz SR8015

Marantz SR8015 AV receiver (Image credit: Marantz)

Mo-Fi StudioDeck Plus

Mobile Fidelity StudioDeck Plus turntable (Image credit: Mobile Fidelity)

Yamaha SR-C20A soundbar

Yamaha SR-C20A soundbar (Image credit: Yamaha)

Halcro Eclipse Mono

Halcro Eclipse Mono amplifier (Image credit: Halcro)


Marantz NR1711 AV receiver (Image credit: Marantz)

Bowers & Wilkins DB4S

Bowers & Wilkins DB4S subwoofer (Image credit: Bowers & Wilkins)

Yamaha SR-B20A

Yamaha SR-B20A soundbar (Image credit: Yamaha)

Hisense 65SX

Hisense 65SX 4K television (Image credit: Hisense)

Magico ASub

Magico ASub subwoofer (Image credit: Magico)

Klipsch Heresy IV

Klipsch Heresy IV loudspeakers (Image credit: Klipsch)

Denon DNP-800NE

Denon DNP-800NE streamer (Image credit: Denon)


NAD M33 BluOS-enabled DAC/amplifier (Image credit: NAD)

Questyle CMA Twelve

Questyle CMA Twelve DAC & headphone amplifier (Image credit: Questyle)

Gryphon Essence

Gryphon Essence preamplifier and Essence Stereo power amplifier (Image credit: Gryphon)

Bowers & Wilkins 702 Signature

Bowers & Wilkins 702 Signature floorstanding loudspeakers (Image credit: Bowers & Wilkins)


Yamaha GT-5000 turntable (Image credit: Yamaha)


Focal Arche DAC and headphone amplifier (Image credit: Focal)


Rotel Michi S5 / P5 preamplifier & stereo power amplifier (Image credit: Michi)

Lumin U1 Mini

Lumin U1 Mini network music streamer (Image credit: Lumin)

Epson EH-LS300

Epson EpiqVision EH-LS300B ultra-short-throw projector (Image credit: Epson)

Ruark R3

Ruark R3 compact music system (Image credit: Ruark Audio)


Yamaha RX-V6A AV receiver (Image credit: Yamaha)

Krix Hemispherix SPS

Krix Hemispherix SPS stereo in-ceiling speakers (Image credit: Krix)

Sennheiser HD 560S

Sennheiser HD 560S headphones (Image credit: Sennheiser)

Richter Merlin S6

Richter Merlin S6 loudspeakers (Image credit: Richter)

Denon Home

Denon Home 150 / 250 / 350 wireless speakers (Image credit: Denon)

Optoma P1 projector

Optoma P1 projector (Image credit: Optoma)

Sound+Image Awards 2021

See all the winners of the 2021 Sound+Image Awards! (Image credit: Future)