Should you buy an Amazon Fire 4K TV on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day - although it now goes on for longer than a day - opens up realms of possibility for tricking out your house with the latest TVs, speakers, and other such gadgets. The aim? To suck more people in to its Prime ecosystem, since you have to sign up for Prime membership to get the deals (although the well-informed can skirt around it).

Nevertheless, some out there might want to take advantage of the deals in order to bag themselves a streaming stick - and the deals for the Amazon Fire 4K TV are likely to be very tempting indeed.

Should you buy an Amazon Fire 4K TV?

For a start, you should only buy this streaming stick if you already have a 4K television (or are looking to get one, perhaps as part of Amazon's deals). But assuming you have one, the Amazon Fire 4K TV will offer you a smörgåsbord of great functionality.

With HDR support, the Fire 4K TV will make sure you get all the punch and pop in the picture as it can muster, as well as offering a range of other catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 - not to mention other video sites including Netflix and YouTube, following a recent truce with Google

Even if you have smart-services built into your TV, you might prefer the layout and ergonomics of the Fire 4K TVs user interface. Or, you might want to simply shout your commands, as this streaming box comes with Alexa (Amazon's voice assistant) built in. Say the word and it'll start playing a particular show, open apps, or navigate to genres - as well as answering trivia questions and checking on the weather.

While it doesn't come with Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos - and we would say those omissions are the Fire 4K TV's only major fault - this device is perfect for those with televisions that might be a few years old but still have compatible HDCP 2.2-certified HDMI ports able to support 4K passthrough. Or for those that have a projector and want to add streaming services too it without spending a lot of money.

Don't have a 4K TV? Consider the standard Amazon Fire TV streaming stick, which is likely to have a decent discount too.


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