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This was unexpected - a loaner from a stranger who wanted a third opinion on the LCD-2.  It's a lovely bit of kit and it sounds as good as the price indicates.


I sure don't know how they came up with the name for this headphone.  This does look more-or-less identical to the LSTN Troubador of a couple years ago, and while I don't think the Troubador price

Here's the "new" Beats with near-hi-fi sound, as covered previously by Innerfidelity.
I got this House of Marley Liberate XL headphone from Amazon U.S. for less than $150, and while I wasn't expecting a lot for that price, I fell in love with this headphone.

Here's my review of this nifty little receiver from Audioengine:

Here's a surprise item.  The HP-800 has been selling on Massdrop in the U.S. for $49 for awhile, while the Amazon U.S. price is currently $79.  The MSRP is $150.
Here's the latest from Soundmagic - the HP150 - and here I think Soundmagic has combined the best qualities of the open-back HP200 with the best of the closed-back HP100 into the closed-back (but spac
I got this when I got the K812, but it's been set aside for awhile while I enjoyed the heck out of that K812.

Here is my review of the K-812, a new favorite for me.