£ 200

Lacks the speed and definition to create any sense of scale and weight in big action movie soundtracks

£ 299

With its compact dimensions and affordable price, the Pro 50 MkII is a real gem

£ 2700

It might not have the visual flair of other Eclipse products, but the TD725SW doesn’t lack for sonic talent

£ 795

Looks the part, and delivers a big weight from a comparatively small box

£ 3000

Whatever you do, don’t call the Torus a subwoofer - Wilson Benesch prefers the term ‘infrasonic generator’

£ 750

A fine, fun subwoofer that plays both music and movies with terrific energy

£ 550

Fast, articulate and expressive, and couples that agile presentation with genuine weight

£ 400

The Audio Pro B1.36 is still a worthy choice if you want plenty of thump from a compact box, but newer products have overtaken it

£ 400

There's much to admire in the Tannoy TS-12 subwoofer – it remains an enjoyable and flexible design