£ 500

Best subwoofer up to £700, Awards 2011. The B&W ASW610 sounds bigger than it looks and more expensive than its price-tag

£ 700

Interesting looks and impressive spec, allied to sheer volume, outweigh a slight lack of refinement remote-control-cum-sound-pressure-meter

£ 650

Compact sub capable of full-size sound – just don’t push it too hard

£ 300

There’s nothing wrong with what this Tannoy does – it differentiates bass notes well and is able to start and stop promptly – but the overall signatur

£ 700

Forceful low frequencies at any volume level, but hamstrung rather by vague timing

£ 700

An almost elemental subwoofer from one of the established experts – a big, square, black box with a whacking great driver occupying the front panel

£ 500

This subwoofer isn't short of drive and attack but is lacking finesse where it's needed.

£ 500

A handsome, cuboidal little fellow that can be used in a forward or downward-firing configuration

£ 1600

The SPL-1500R isn’t small or cheap, but it is very good

£ 3300

There’s more to this beast than blunt force