Hi-fi amplifiers


£ 900

Marantz's Pearl Lite is an amplifier with potential. It's not the last word in sonic ability, but it's affordable, stylish and controlled

£ 330

Best stereo amplifier up to £500, Awards 2010. Yamaha has produced a new class leader, with a stunningly capable product

£ 615

If you like your listening full-throttle, then this NAD amplifier is for you, but those who take things easier may find the C356BEE a touch taxing

£ 1650

Best stereo amp £1500+, Awards 2013. It's had a re-design, but Roksan's Caspian M2 is still a formidable amplifier, and we like this latest version

£ 2500

Although this South Korean company isn't as well known as it could be, it's proving more than able, with top notch products like the Ai500

£ 249

This retro-styled amp from TEAC might look the business, but we found it wanting against its competition in this class

£ 270

The Azur 550A is another fine budget amplifier from Cambridge Audio, although in this market the competition's more than fierce

£ 4215

It's small and stylish, and incredibly well built too - in short we think this Chord Cyan Click HP is a bit of a top-end hi-fi gem

£ 350

Quite simply the most enjoyable Denon amplifier we've heard in ages - the PMA-710 is a solidly accomplished performer

£ 240

This NAD integrated amplifier is a great listen for the money, but it's just outclassed by some of its very close rivals