Hi-fi amplifiers


£ 925

Best stereo amplifier £800-£1500, Awards 2013. An assured performer, which offers detail, precision and energy by the bucketload

£ 1500

A big, powerful, attractive amp, but the overly relaxed attitude puts it behind similarly priced rivals

£ 1600

Full of revealing detail and superb rhythms, this is a truly fantastic amplifier

£ 5995

This unassuming amplifier is one of the finest we’ve heard, with a beautifully balanced presentation that works well with all types of music

£ 7000

The EAR Yoshino V12 is a terrific integrated amplifier – it needn’t fear any rival at this price

£ 775

Well worth considering for listeners who value subtlety over muscle

£ 800

Excels in many areas, even if its sound falls short of class-leading

£ 230

Worth considering if you really need a very small stereo amplifier. It’s not a brilliant sonic all-rounder, though

£ 600

Well worth a listen, but it doesn't deliver the most captivating performance we've ever heard

£ 400

A bold effort but lacking the performance and finesse to truly impress