iPhone 5 event set for September 12th - news, rumours and pictures

11 Sep 2012

iPhone 5 mock

Last updated 11.09.12

Apple has confirmed a press event for Wednesday September 12th with a none-too-thinly-veiled hint that it will be see the launch of the iPhone 5.

A new iPhone has long been a given for an Autumn launch and Apple has now confirmed the date of an event, albeit not, of course, the details of the product that's set to replace the iPhone 4S.

Rumours of a name change or jump in number look set to be wide of the mark, with the design of the invitation featuring a shadow of the number 5, suggesting that it will be the iPhone 5. 

Whether the iPhone 5 will be joined by an iPad mini remains up for debate, while the launch of an Apple TV – a smart television rather than the existing streaming box – is looking increasingly unlikely.

Bigger screen
It looks likely that the new iPhone will feature a larger screen, bringing it closer to the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X in size, not to mention the massive Samsung Galaxy Note.

Apple iPhone 5

[Picture from iResQ]

The smart money has for a long time suggested the iPhone 5 will have a 4in screen – so not quite as big as the 4.8in Galaxy S3 – with a slimmer, taller profile and a 1136 x 640 resolution.

 New dock connector
A new Apple connection looks on the cards, with Apple changing its 30-pin connector to a mini 8-pin connection. [picture via Techcrunch.]

Apple iPhone 5 connection

This will mean it won't be out-of-the-box compatible with existing iPod docks and chargers. That said, it's almost a given that adapters will be available, so don't be scrapping your speaker docks as yet.

Redesigned headphones
Apple's iconic but much-maligned Apple earbuds are well due a redesign and it looks like this year could be the year.

Reports have emerged from Vietnam – previously they were made in China – of earphones with a new shape, smaller profile and more immersive design. 

NFC, better camera and smaller SIM?
There are of course a whole heap of other rumours on the extra features that could come to the iPhone 5.

NFC wireless transfer capability is available on phones such as the HTC One X, LG Optimus 4X HD and Samsung Galaxy S3, allowing for the possibility of wireless payments and more, and it's on the shortlist of possible specs for the new iPhone.

iPhone 5 headphones

The existing 8MP camera on the iPhone 4S is good but could well be improved, maybe with an increase in megapixels or perhaps more likely better optics.

New iPods
The iPhone 5 stage could well be shared by new iPod nanos and new iPod shuffles according to reports on 9to5mac, which states that two or three new or updated devices, in a range of storage sizes and colours, could be revealed on Wednesday.

A new iPod classic looks unlikely but two years since the nano and shuffle were updated, it looks like Apple could update the ranges.

Will the iPhone be 4G?
It looks increasingly likely that the iPhone will follow the lead of the iPad and support 4G networks. However, supporting 4G across multiple territories isn't that easy.

Whether the iPad would work on 4G in the UK was shrouded in confusion and eventually Apple was forced to drop the 4G boast from its advertising in the UK.

Everything Everywhere, now called EE, dropped a strong hint that the iPhone 5 would be compatible with its 4GEE network, the UK's first 4G network.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X confirmed for 4GEE, it would seem strange for Apple not to get the new iPhone on board. The iPhone 5 on 4GEE looks likely, then.

Lastly, it seems Apple could change the size of its SIM cards, ditching the existing microSIM for something even smaller.

We will be covering the Apple iPhone launch event live next Wednesday September 12th.

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Can'y argue with that tonyroozle

Sometimes things need to change.. I remember when i opened my car door back in the old days with a key,  then it moved on to remote opening and thought this is not good if the remote key failed, but guess what..... It is now the norm and no one complaining!

That said i am apple all the way, why?, because they have totally understood how to intergrate mobile and home style modulation that keeps longevity and functionality, Oh and to boot a great back up service.  Evolution is all about moving forward and im afraid you are all having to just live with the new style and changes and i agree that nobody likes changes when there has been a balance of products to complement apple products previously.

So what is my point? 

Is the new style connector a deal breaker?.... i very much dought it as i'm sure there will be adaptions, but i am more intrested in the new thinking of how this product may further enhance and broaden my living experience!

AGE= Pushing 50yrs..Embarassed

The 4inch screen and usb cable seem to be the most talked about rumour, but i believe was the same for last year and the usb connection but it never happened.

You normally find android users getting at Apple users and not so much the other way round, just like the PS3 and Xbox days

The ideas in the new iPhone may come from Steve Jobs but the design will be still down to Apples designers and with no jobs around to push things as he has done in the past things could get a little stale, though the thing is the new iPhone will end up giving everyone what they want ( maybe not in specs as this is not needed ) but overall functionality

A simple but powerfull operating system , the Retina display , outstanding build quality , a better battery life than competitors , Love it or hate it iTunes store for content , Great customer care and a phone thats not going to be out of date within a couple of months.

So its going to sell 




I don't kow why people feel the need to create a love/hate base with Apple, I like it and use it, if you don't I don't care (whatever suits you). If you don't like them keep your opinions to your self.

Well, I'm basing my claim on the housholds I have been to. You seem to be basing your claim on one.  Maybe it is really small and it just happens to be that people who buy apple products all stick together as a defence mechanism? From what I've seen, almost everyone has had first hand experience of an iPhone/iPod/iPad, and has the subsequent cable nestled somewhere in that drawer everyone has full of wires.

So it will have a non-compatible SIM card to go with the non-compatible connector, non-compatible air-play when Bluetooth is better, non-compatible OS and a smaller screen than all it's rivals. It will keep it's useless Siri system no doubt. Let's hope there's something big in it for the journalists or this will flop. The iWants will wake up without any hype. A four star product at best. 

I wonder how all the manufacturers feel about having their docks suddenly out of date. It may be time for them to stand up to Apple.

Finally, any betting that they will announce this is another Steve Jobs piece of work?

I honestly think its gona be a big dissapointment. It will sell still but after a month evryones gonna realise its not that great. Apple reinvented the mobile phone industry all they can do now is evolve slowly like a Porsche. This means there wont be staggering specs ever from Apple. All their products are the same. The laptops etc small improvements. Also Apple don't like champion to much tech they didnt invent or something like 3D. I think this year best phone will be Optimus G and Galaxy Note 2. The Nokia 920 looks rather more tempting. For me to switch to Apple they really would have to make a product that is alot better then the competitors. But I am afraid on thier business model of releasing phones less frequent will leave them lagging behind. For every one Iphone we get there will be 2 Galaxy phones released in the time period. That means Samsungs gona be pushn them hard!


That's nice.  Our household has NO Apple charger of any sort whatsoever.  Wonder just how small a percentage it is?

It does however seem like the new pin connector is one of the most widely corroborated rumours...

I know the hole idea going to a standard usb connection seems the way to go but i agree with you Ryan, Apple have a hole eco system itself and like you said there are always new speaker docks being brought to market with the 30 pin connector. To be honest the hole design / mockup of the new iPhone is rubbish so fingers crossed. Not to mention i have been using iOS since the 2nd gen iPod Touch and its getting a little boring now.

Don't get me wrong the 4s is still built better than any other phone on the market today, i just hope Apple show us a new quality design instead of just a larger 4s

I can't see them getting rid of the 30 pin connector, it's sort of become a standard. It's good to know almost every houshold has some sort of apple charger. As well as the fact a huge market in speaker docks revolving around the current connector.