For those friends and family members in your life for whom getting into shape and keeping fit is an important consideration, performance is often critical – and we've rounded up five great tech gift ideas that won't let you down this Christmas.

From the casual runner to the dedicated gym buff, the reasons for getting outside – or into the gym – can often differ from one person to the next. But one uniting factor you might've noticed is how music is used to keep those feet pounding on.

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Apple iPod Touch (6th Gen)

Five stars

Tested at £330

The iPod Touch is perfect running or gym companion. It can store tens of thousands of songs if you opt for the 128GB option and supports the same apps as the iPhone, including Spotify and Tidal, so you'll never be short of music or playlists.

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Soul Electronics Flex

Five stars

Tested at £50

You'll no doubt want some in-ear headphones to go with that iPod? This pair from Soul Electronics is the ideal companion, thanks to its lightweight build, secure fit and sweat-resistance. But above all else, they sound fantastic.

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Five stars

Tested at £10/month

And how about a streaming service to use with the iPod? Spotify has a new 'Running' feature that will tailor playlists to your running pace to ensure you stay motivated and burn off that last piece of Christmas pudding.

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Sony Smart B-Trainer

Available for £230

We haven't tested this Sony Bluetooth running headset, but due to its range of sensors that measure everything from heart rate to distance covered, they should be the perfect activity tracker. You use them with a dedicated smartphone app to view running results and set personal goals.

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iGadgitz water resistant armband for iPod Touch

Find for £8.99 on Amazon

You've got your iPod, your headphones and your tunes sorted – you're ready to go. Except that you might just need somewhere to store your handset. There are a number of armbands on the market, so there's bound to be one for you out there – we've picked out the iGadgitz water resistant armband as just one option...