There's never been a better time to buy a TV, thanks to cut-price big screens and cheap-as-chips small sets - we'll keep you up-to-date with the best TV bargains to be found

Cheap TVs can be a double-edged sword. Many of the supermarket TVs you'll see for hard-to-resist, bargain prices, will end-up costing you more... when you realise you should have shelled out for something a little better. But there are genuine deals to be found in the budget TV market.

We're here to steer you in the right direction, rounding-up the best budget TVs on sale, whether you want to spend under £300 on a small TV for the bedroom or under £500 on a budget 42in TV for the main room. And it's not just supermarket brands, with the likes of LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony all offering cut-price TV ranges. Without further ado...


Best cheap TV deals under £200

- Kogan KULED22XXXYA - £115 -

Who? What? How much? Kogan may not be a familiar name, and that model number isn't exactly catchy, but the Aussie brand has been punting decent cheap TVs for some time. This 22in TV is, as you'd expect, low on frills (no built-in DVD player, for example) but there are HDMI and USB inputs. And, most importantly, it's a decent picture for the size and money.

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Best cheap TV deals under £300

- Panasonic TX-L24X6B - £259.98 - Appliances Direct

Another Panasonic TV, this time a budget LCD. You tend to pay a premium for the big-brand sets at this price, but sets such as this are worth the outlay if you're a stickler for picture performance even in a compact television. There's a Freeview HD tuner and access to apps such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix. A great TV.

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- Samsung UE32F5500 - £299.95 - Richer Sounds

Richer Sounds offers a 5-year guarantee on all TVs, which helps make this stand-out price for a Samsung 32in LED TV even better. We're fans of other F5500 sets in the Samsung range (like this PS51F5500 plasma) so we think this one should be on your checklist if you're in the market for a smart TV under £300.


Best cheap TV deals under £500

- Panasonic TX-L32E6B - £329.95 - Richer Sounds

This was our 2013 award-winning 32in TV - and this is the cheapest price we can find. £70 off our tested price brings this TV under £350, and that's a bargain. It's a full HD resolution set (not to be confused with the HD-Ready TX-L32B6B, which is even cheaper) that's easy to use and delivers punchy, colourful pictures, plus plenty of features.

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- Philips 32PFL4258T - £369 - HiFi Confidential

This Philips 32in TV is on sale at over £110 less than the list price - and it was already a five-star TV at the original price when we tested it last year. Pin-sharp pictures and far easier to use than previous Philips televisions, it's great with SD and HD content. And it looks pretty smart, too.

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- Samsung UE40F6400 - £469 - Pixmania

Fresh from a five-star review, this Samsung 40in is a bargain right out of the box, and it's currently available here cheaper than anywhere else. Super-smart, this Samsung TV gives you access to all of the UK's free catch-up services, iPlayer, 4oD, the lot. In fact, you only have to read the 'For' column on our review to see why it should be on your 40in TV shortlist.

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We'll be keeping this page updated, so check back if you're after a bargain TV. Want to spend a little more? Then take a look at our best UK TV deals page, for more expensive sets and a wider range of screen sizes.

And don't forget you can see more deals on TVs, hi-fi, home cinema and more in the What Hi-Fi? Shop.


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How, which and where to buy best tv for cheapest price

hi. to be honest i do prefer LG tvs. All samsung products i had has failed after a while (my mobile phone etc). Always is best idea to go to the shop and compare Lg to samsung and other tv by just looking at the sample video. When i've gone to the pc world then i seen samsung, lg next to each other and the picture quality was best on Lg tv (compared on same resolution and same video sample). Lg tvs are also cheaper. And here great TIP! I’ve bought my tely on and i'm surprised how this website works. You need to make an enquiry: for example you need new 47" tv. Then sellers are bidding to beat the price down! saved around £80 on my tv. lol