It's time to round up the news and reviews that have graced What Hi-Fi? the past week – including a look at the latest news and product reviews from Cambridge Audio, Pathos, Pioneer and Wharfedale.

After the CEDIA and IFA trade shows it's been a slower week than normal at What Hi-Fi?  towers. Still, there were notable news items: Pioneer selling their DJ business, Sony expecting poor financial figures and an exclusive to What Hi-Fi? with the unveiling of Wharfedale's Diamond 220 standmounters.

Review-wise, it's not been as impressive as recent weeks. However, we do have several products worthy of your time (and money) with the Polaroid 5-42-LED-14 TV, Pathos Lògos Mk II stereo amp and the Cambridge Audio Aeromax 6 floorstanders the best of the bunch.


Pioneer sells DJ business for $550 million

Hot on the heels of selling their AV business to Onkyo, it's emerged that Pioneer is to sell its DJ products business, too.

The range, which includes turntables, mixers and studio monitors, has been sold to private equity firm KKR & Co LP for $550 million.

It will still retain the Pioneer brand name but the company will now focus on other core areas.

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Exclusive: Wharfedale unveils Diamond 200 speaker series

An exclusive to What Hi-Fi?, Wharfedale has announced a brand new speaker called the Diamond 220, a direct replacement for last year's 121s.

The Diamond 220 features several improvements over its predecessor, with changes to the crossover network, bass motor system and slot loaded port said to provide what Wharfedale claims is a "touch more detail" and a "greater sense of musical communication".

Stay tuned to What Hi-Fi? in the coming weeks with our Awards coverage – including an exclusive review of the Diamond 220s – set to be unveiled.

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Sony prepares to report £1.3bn annual losses

Sony has had a particularly troubling time of late and it looks set to continue with the Japanese giant set to report huge annual losses.

With its smartphone range not making the impact expected, along with the sale of the iconic, but underperforming VAIO series and the recalibration of its TV arm, the company are expected to report a £1.3bn loss for the year ending 31st March, 2015.

The loss has been put down to the "competitive environment of the mobile business" despite the excellent performance of its Xperia Z2, which we gave five stars to earlier this year.

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"Looks, fine sound and excellent build – this has it all"

Pathos Lògos Mk II

Some products we test are luxury items - and the Pathos falls into that category.

With its trademark angular looks, this update to the 12-year-old original is a stunning effort, mixing good looks with imperious sound.

Looks can sometimes be deceiving. Not with the Pathos Lògos Mk II.

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"In our opinion they need just a couple of tweaks here and there to transform them into serious contenders"

Cambridge Audio Aeromax 6

We've enjoyed testing Cambridge Audio speakers. Last year we gave the 5.1 Aero set-up an Award and the company's efforts since then have been steady, if not exactly outstanding.

This is the case with the Aeromax 6 - it has weighty bass and a wonderfully spacious soundstage, but needs a few tweaks to turn them into class-leading speakers.

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"Too often we get small or supermarket brands to review that go horribly wrong, but this stands up against established brands."

Polaroid 5-42-LED-14

Polaroid was something of an unknown quantity a few months ago (a supermarket brand no less), but now we've spent time with it, we're pleasantly surprised by how good it is.

Aiming squarely for the budget market, it may be cheap and cheerful, but it's certainly value for money. Standing up to more established manufacturers like Sony and Samsung, the 5-42-LED-14 doesn't look out of place at all.

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