It's time to round up the news and reviews that have graced What Hi-Fi? over the last week – including a look at the latest news and product reviews from Apple, B&W, Qobuz and Samsung.

It's been a short week but a busy one nevertheless, with B&W updating its CM range of stereo speakers, Apple teasing the iPhone 6 and LG suspending production of plasma TVs.

In terms of reviews, we've had five-star and four-star products, with the  Roku Streaming Stick, Samsung UE40H6400 TV and Onkyo TX-NR838 AV receiver all deserving of your attention this week.

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B&W launches new CM S2 series speakers

Bowers & Wilkins' CM range of speakers is getting a refresh, with six stereo speakers being introduced.

Three floorstanding speakers, three standmount speakers, two centre channels, a sub and a set of stands complete the new line-up, with upgrades including a new dome tweeter.

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iPhone 6 launch event confirmed for September 9th

After several months of rumours and speculation, Apple has sent out invitations confirming an Apple iPhone event for September 9th.

It's widely expected that the event will usher in the iPhone 6, with reports suggesting that it will come in new, larger sizes.

As always, we shall see come September the 9th.

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LG to suspend plasma TV production

First it was Panasonic, then it was Samsung, and now it's the turn of LG to bow out of the plasma TV market.

After revealing a new 65in OLED TV in South Korea on Monday, the company's home entertainment division president, Ha Hyun-hwoi, announced that the company would be "suspending plasma production in the near future".

An official announcement is due soon, but it does look like this could be the end of plasma TV production on a large scale, with manufacturers now moving towards OLED as an alternative.

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Qobuz high-res download store launches in UK

French-based music streaming site Qobuz has launched a music download store in the UK, claiming to have the "largest catalogue of HD downloads in the world".

The Qobuz store, which features tracks at 24-bit/192kHz resolution, has around 20,000 albums available, with prices varying between £10 to £15 for high-res releases.

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"The Roku Streaming Stick does a very specific job and does it very well."

Roku Streaming Stick

Google's Chromecast may have been the first USB-sized streamer, but Roku has made up for lost time with this very accomplished effort.

If you have a 'dumb' TV, or even a smart one, the Roku Streaming Stick is an able performer with few faults.

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"The UE40H6400 is an engrossing screen, with smart features that rivals struggle to match."

Samsung UE40H6400

Samsung is on a rich vein of form with its TVs in 2014, and that run continues with the UE40H6400.

It's a bit expensive for a 40in screen, but the set offers plenty of inputs, excellent smart features and a terrific picture.

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"The TX-NR838 has an unbelievable number of features that cater for all reasonable AV needs, and even looks to the future."

Onkyo TX-NR838

Onkyo has been a little quiet on the AV receiver front recently - the company hoped the TX-NR838 would change that. With an Atmos update due to arrive in September, this amp certainly packs in plenty of features.

However, restrained dynamics and a lack of drive mean the performance can't quite match the spec.

Irrespective of those faults, this is an impressive amp with a feature list longer than your arm.

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