Looking to buy your first turntable? Need a new amp? Fancy a music streamer? We’ve found the best prices on some of our favourite hi-fi products.

Speakers may be an important part of your system, but they’re nothing without decent sources or amplification. Whether you have all your music stored digitally or still rely on your physical CD collection, a decent player or streamer is vital to get your system performing at its best.

We’ve found some great deals on a number of products, including turntables from Flexson and Sony, a DAC from Pioneer, Arcam and Marantz amps, and more. Want a bargain pair of speakers too? Check out our round-up of the best speaker deals...

Best amplifier deals

Arcam A29

Tested at £995 / Best price £849 at Sevenoaks

A good range of features, thanks to a phono stage and headphone amp, and an easy-going, spacious sound.

Arcam A29 review


Marantz PM6005

Tested at £300 / Best price £239 at Hughes

If you're looking for your first stereo amplifier or a budget upgrade, the PM6005 deserves your attention.

Marantz PM6005 review

Best CD player deals

Arcam CDS27

Tested at £800 / Best price £699 at SuperFi

The CDS27 is an all-in-one CD/SACD player that’s easy to use and serves up a good level of detail.

Arcam CDS27 review 


Marantz CD6005

Tested at £350 / Best price £259 at Amazon

If your music collection comprises mainly CDs and you’re looking for a budget player, there are few better than this Marantz.

Marantz CD6005 review

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Best DAC deals

Pioneer U-05

Tested at £700 / Best price £589 at Amazon

This well-connected DAC delivers a fun, entertaining sound.

Pioneer U-05 review

Best streamer deals

Onkyo TX-8150

Tested at £550 / Best price £485 at Conrad

A feature-packed box of tricks that combines a network streamer with built-in amplifier and DAC. A bargain at £550, it's now even better value.

Onkyo TX-8150 review


Pioneer N-50A

Tested at £500 / Best price £349 at Sevenoaks

The N-50A is a talented performer, with plenty of tricks stuffed into its capacious sleeves.

Pioneer N-50A review


Best turntable deals

Lenco L-85

Tested at £120 / Best price £99 at HMV

This affordable turntable also allows you to rip your vinyl to USB, and it's the best plug-and-play turntable we've tested.

Lenco L-85 review


Flexson VinylPlay

Tested at £250 / Best price £199 at Amazon

A perfect turntable if you’re taking your first steps into the world of vinyl. It plays nicely with Sonos too.

Flexson VinylPlay review


Sony PS-HX500

Tested at £450 / Best price £374 at Amazon

A brilliant sounding turntable that can also rip your vinyl to hi-res files.

Sony PS-HX500 review


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