Thinking about replacing your existing dock system or searching for portable options to fit in your pocket? Take a look at our list of the best Bluetooth speakers of 2015

Sometimes only a full-fledged hi-fi separates system will do. But what about those times when you want straightforward convenience, music in a smaller room, or even a bit of portability? You can’t take a kit-rack to the park, after all (and you’d need the mother of all mains leads)…

One solution is a wireless Bluetooth speaker, which will free the tunes on your computer, phone or tablet without the need for any wires (or Wi-Fi). We've rounded-up the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy in 2015, from all our reviews in 2014 (and some of the best of 2013).

Some can replace your existing iPod/iPhone dock system, others are mini portable options that fit right in your pocket, while some are just bargains if you're on a budget. There's even a Sonos-rivalling multiroom Bluetooth speaker. Crucially, they all wowed our testing team... 

Best Bluetooth speaker under £100


Five stars

Tested at £85 - Compare latest prices

You might not expect an awful lot for just £85, but this Sony speaker, which has been around for a while now, delivers far more than its price might suggest. It’s classy-looking, for a start. From the smart carry-handle to the neat arrangement of controls along the top panel, it’s clear Sony has decided to buck the budget convention.

It sounds the part, too. True, you won’t get mega-bass from a unit this small, but neither does the Sony sound tinny or splashy in the treble. It serves up a decent amount of bass for its size, in fact, and doesn’t fall short when it comes to detail or definition either.

The SRS-BTM8 draws power from the mains or four AA batteries, and features NFC (Near-Field Communication) tech alongside Bluetooth. This makes it simple to pair with a compatible device – just tap it on the speaker’s NFC icon and you’re away.

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Best Bluetooth speaker under £200

Cambridge Audio Go 

Five stars

Tested at £120 

Our 2013 wireless speaker Product of the Year was the Minx Go and now the new Cambridge Audio Go has taken the honours for 2014.

The Go delivers new features and a fresh finish, with the aptX Bluetooth codec, NFC connectivity and USB-charging all new additions. There's still a 3.5mm aux input and an impressive battery life of around 18 hours.

Add dynamic, detailed and punchy sound into the package, and this Bluetooth speaker is a winner.

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Best Bluetooth speakers under £300

Monitor Audio Airstream S200 

Five stars

Tested at £200 

The Monitor Audio Airstream range of wireless products has been an instant hit as far as we're concerned and the S200 is the best speaker yet. This speaker sports Apple AirPlay, as well as aptX Bluetooth so you can choose the streaming method you prefer. There's also DLNA and Airstream Direct for yet more connectivity options.

The key aspect is the spacious, lively and surprisingly weighty sound. For a relatively knockdown price and a speaker with a minuscule footprint, the S200 will take some beating at this price.

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B&W T7

Five stars

Tested at £300 

B&W waited a long time to enter the portable Bluetooth speaker market, but when it did - it did so in some style. It may seem expensive compared to some budget wireless speakers on the market but from the styling to the sound quality, the T7 justifies the premium.

The T7 looks the part, does everything you’d expect a Bluetooth speaker to do, and sounds comfortably better than any such product we’ve heard. Bowers & Wilkins has entered the market in style. 

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Best Bluetooth speaker under £400

Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+ 

Five stars

Tested at £330 - compare latest prices

The Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+: hi-fi sound from a wireless speaker. Yes, that’s right. We were blown away by this speaker’s performance when it first graced our testing rooms, and it wowed us again when it came to judging time in our 2014 Awards.

The Model S embodies everything we want to see in a wireless speaker. It’s stunningly subtle and dynamic via Bluetooth or its DAB and FM radio tuners. It digs up a ton of detail even from streamed Spotify tracks via a smartphone. 

We love the design, too. It’s available in glossy black, white or red and features classy touch-sensitive controls on the top panel. There’s also a tabletop stand, but this can be detached if you want. If you want class in both wireless sound and construction, you really can’t go wrong with this speaker.

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Best Bluetooth speaker under £750

Dali Kubik Free

Five stars

Tested at £645

Here's another hi-fi brand taking the step in to wireless speaker territory - and doing so in impressive style. Cheap, it ain't, but if you want a premium wireless experience, this is a fine solution.

As well as aptX Bluetooth, there's a digital optical input so you can connect the speaker to your TV. Want a stereo pair? You can spend another couple of hundred quid to get the Kubik Xtra partner speaker. There's a USB input for connecting to a computer, too.

The real story is the sound quality. It's detailed, engaging and keeps a solid rhythm, beating off competition such as the (AirPlay-only) B&W A7. Crisp and clear with rock, pop and classical; if this is your wireless budget, you won't be disappointed. 

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Best premium Bluetooth speaker

Naim Mu-so

Five stars

Tested at £895

Another hi-fi brand going Wi-Fi, this time with an even bigger price tag. But thanks to the full weight of Naim’s long-standing hi-fi expertise, the Mu-so has delivered the goods.

First things first, we love the design. It looks and feels the premium product the price tag demands it should, while the aluminium heatsink is eye-catching in a good way. In terms of features, it's got the lot; it will play pretty much any music by pretty much any method.

Thankfully, any concerns that the Naim Mu-so is style over substance can be forgotten. The performance is every bit as special as it needs to be to justify the price tag, delivering power and scale that you simply won't get from any other wireless speaker on the market.

If you thought Bluetooth speakers had to mean tiddly speakers with tinny sound, the Mu-so will prove you unequivocally wrong. This is the no-compromise wireless Bluetooth option.

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What Hi-Fi? Awards: Best wireless speakers 2014

Best Bluetooth multiroom speaker 

Pure Jongo S3

Five stars

Tested at £175 

The quirky Pure Jongo S3 looks about as far as you can get from traditional hi-fi equipment. Regular kit doesn’t have interchangeable, multicoloured speaker grilles, after all. Nor does it feature an upward-firing subwoofer and four tweeters. Or offer ten hours of portable battery life.

The S3 falls in line with decent traditional kit in performance, though. It’s surprisingly beefy-sounding and does a great job of spreading its sound over even a good-sized room – but, crucially, it doesn’t go for gut-jiggling bass at the expense of a musical performance. Nor does it go loud enough for its character to harden-up unduly. You can even tell the unit which drivers to use to fine-tune the sound depending on surroundings. 

You can stream using Bluetooth via the included dongle, which plugs in to the back of the unit. Wi-fi streaming is also on the menu via the free Pure Connect app for iOS and Android. Best of all, you can connect multiple Jongos (there's a Jongo T2) together for a multi-room set-up via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which sets it apart from rivals.

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See Pure Jongo latest prices on Amazon

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David Hearne's picture

Would the Naim MU-SO match or

Would the Naim MU-SO match or beat  the Marantz PM6005 paired with Tanoy Mercury V4's in sound Quality? 

Andy Clough's picture

Naim Mu-so

In a word, no. The Mu-so is a really good all-in-one but it wouldn't match the scale, imaging or resolution of the Marantz/Tannoy combo. That said, the Marantz/Tannoys don't get close in terms of features or neatness.

Rick Donovan's picture

Thodio A-BOX

Guys, have you heard about Thodio A-Box? It's got powerful 200 Watt amplifier, awesome "ammo can" look and aptX Bluetooth. Check it out for yourselves:

Nishat Majid's picture

Muso competing A7 or Dali Kubik

hi, I'd like to know how the Naim Mu-so competes with B&W A7 and Dali Kubik (Free + Extra) soundwise? Just to inform, I never listened to any of these or equivalents, neither I have any options to. I own a Bose Companion 20 and planning to upgrade. So, if this is possible to answer, exactly how much superiority I can expect from Muso audio-wise? The majority of all my collections are low-bit-rate mp3 files. 

Andy Clough's picture

Naim Mu-so

To be honest, if the majority of your music is low bit-rate MP3s it probably isn't worth upgrading to the Mu-so. It's a fabulous piece of kit, but you'll only hear the benefit if you use better quality audio files or superior quality streaming.

Nishat Majid's picture


I understand your concern. Still, I'd like to know the comparisons among those three, in general cases. 

Andy Clough's picture

Mu-so vs B&W A7 vs Dali Kubik

They are all very different, and suited to different purposes. Ultimately the Mu-so is the best sounding, but it is the most expensive, and it would be too big, say, to put in a corner of your kitchen - while the A7 and Kubik would not. So it depends where you'd want to use it, and what type/quality of music you'd be listening too.

Nishat Majid's picture


Thanks a lot. It will be helpful. 

Sara Morrissey's picture

which one to choose!

Hi there, I'm looking to buy a bluetooth speaker for my husband as a xmas present! I bought myself a sony SRS-X3, whic he thought was okay, but I think ideally he wants better sound quality (bass / avoiding tinniness). I was looking at either the Cambridge Go or Bose Soundlink.. is there any difference to be aware of between them? would one win over the other do you think?.. Best, Sara

Graham Luke's picture

I was given a Soundlink Mini;

I was given a Soundlink Mini; it looks gorgeous and sounds great.

Andy Clough's picture

Bluetooth speaker

Both are good but we'd plump for the Cambridge Go as it's our Award winner up to £150 in the wireless speaker category.

Luca Pattaroni's picture

Hello, would the naim Mu-so

Hello, would the naim Mu-so lack "stereo feeling" in comparison with the dali kubik free +extra (in a larger room - 35 m2 / 4380 square feet) ?  

thank you !


Andy Clough's picture

Naim Mu-so

Well, you're likely to get more of a stereo effect with two separate speakers.

harpritbhatia's picture

Best Bluetooth speakers

Hello Andy,

I have a regular amp+columns+sub etc 7 channel setup. Need portability so went & tried the Bose Soundlink. I want something big that can easily fill a 2500 sq feet room but also a single piece thing like the Soundlink. Could you give me a couple of options as not all brands available in India.


morganiy's picture

In my personal opinion, the

In my personal opinion, the Bose Soundlink is actually one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market, however, a regular small Bluetooth speaker will never fill 2500 sq feet room properly. I highly suggest you get some real speakers, and then you can connect them using a Bluetooth device. 

Andy Clough's picture

That's quite a big room, the

That's quite a big room, the Naim Mu-so would probably be your best bet if it's available in India.

Robert Kent's picture

On a Budget

If you're on a budget and searching for something that will fill a large living room for under £50, the August SE50 is a cracking piece of kit. Often overlooked in these reviews, it outperforms its price bracket and looks classy as hell.

Regisss's picture

What do you think of these

What do you think of these sound tests?

I would very appreciate your opinion about these 5 (also compere to Cambridge audio Go): - JBL charge 2, - Sony SRS-X5, - Denon Envaya Mini?