All our 2013 Award winners revealed!

17 Oct 2013

Awards cover

At last the waiting is over and today we can finally reveal the winners of the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2013. You can see them all on our dedicated Awards 2013 microsite which has a fresh new look.

There are 99 best-in-class products across 22 categories celebrating the hottest hi-fi, home cinema and audio tech available, with a Product of the Year in each category. This year we've added two new categories, Soundbars and Wireless speakers and docks, to reflect the huge popularity of those products.

2013 marks the 30th anniversary of our prestigious annual Awards, commonly referred to as the 'Oscars' of the consumer electronics industry, so there's much to celebrate.

Our dedicated test team has been flat out during the summer reviewing a huge amount of new kit, many of it flown in from around the world to meet the final deadline for entries in August.

From TVs to tablets, smartphones to speakers, our reviewers have been putting every piece of kit we could get our hands on through our rigorous test process. We review as a team, so there have been plenty of heated discussions (including some long lunches down the pub!) as we’ve debated long and hard the products that are worthy of our coveted Best Buy and Product of the Year accolades – and which are not.

This year the most hotly contested categories were, without doubt, smartphones and home cinema amplifiers. Competition has never been tougher.

In each product category we pick Best Buys at a range of different prices, to suit your budget, and then one overall Product of the Year – our ultimate favourite product in that market sector.

Rest assured, whatever type of product you need, and whatever your budget, a What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Award is the ultimate seal of approval.

A full list of this year's winners can be found on the Awards section of the website and in the special Awards issue of the magazine that's on sale now. And don't forget you can download the mag directly to your iPad or buy a single copy online.

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By Andy Clough

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+1 there OneBoxSystem i love my Nokia 520 on my £3.75 per month sim only contract 

Expanding the number of Best Buys in the phones category is something we may consider for next year. It's a tricky one really: for every person who says 'I want to see more phone reviews/awards' there's another who says 'I don't want phone reviews in a hi-fi/AV mag.' We're trying to strike a sensible balance.

A bit - thanks Verity. As you say the budget and mid-range smartphone market is vast, but so are every type of category really. Why not expand to have best budget, mid and premium ranges? Just a thought. Smile

  A bit clearer in the 'T&Cs' or even stating transparently about what kit was considered post cut-off date would be good. Why not just have a November 2012 strict cut-off point and host the awards in December? I guess it is helping the Christmas hifi market if hosted sooner.

Hi all,  just thought I'd clear up some confusion over the iPhone winning the Best Smartphone award, despite launching after the official Awards closing date.

We do say on our entry forms that we reserve the right to call products in after the closing date, and we do this if we feel there are products that cannot be ignored in that product category. The smartphone category is not alone in this - there are plenty of great products in other categories that we simply have to include in our judging in order for the Awards to make sense. Our Awards will act as a buying guide for many people over the next 12 months, and we simply wouldn't be doing our job right if we ignored important products because of their release date.

So, if we have the time to review and, therefore include, a worthy product for consideration we will - including the LG G2, which also launched in September.

So there's no bias or "fanboi-ism" here, I'm afraid (as Apple's losing out on this very Award for the past two years & the Nexus 7 winning the tablet Product of the Year Award this year might suggest) - just sensible, considered decision making, which we think will best serve our readers.

As for cheaper phones, it's a category that's certainly up for discussion going forward. We've previously stuck to reviewing higher-end handsets on the whole, not only because the mid-range market is so vast, but also because they tend to do the best job with audio and video, two of our most important factors when reviewing them.

Apologies for the long post, but hope this clears things up a bit.

Totally agree AndyWright, although my preference is currently Nokia Lumia. 520 for £80 on PAYG not £400 plus for a 'cheap' iPhone. Apple is style over substance at a premium - and a large one at that. Plenty of quality Android phones too as you say. Same Fan Boi treatment of tablets too.


I disagree about any Fanboyishness going on at WHF. The Samsung Galaxy S series have been awarded richly over iphones by them in the past

Congratulations on a monumental amount of work to sort this lot out.

However, qualification criteria should be followed for ALL products.  If something falls outside the qualifying date then you should exclude it, there is nothing to stop you adding something in as a p.s. if you feel [for whatever reason] that something can't be missed out.  A great shame that a seemingly biased approach to your own rules has clouded The Awards.

And so the fanboi Apple marketing machine rolls on. Worried you won't get an invitation next time, guys?

We took the view that most people use a smartphone for music on the go, as sales of dedicated music players have been falling. And as for the iPhone 5s, we simply felt we couldn't ignore it.

If the deadline was in August, how did the Apple iphone 5s get in? Once again they get special treatment. I wonder why???

did someone to forget to include a portable music player section? or doe you just assume people on the go all have a smartphone? or do you just think apple has got that area covered. we'd like to see a colorfly c3 auditioned. what about sony waterproof in ear offering? what about the new Sony products?