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Yamaha/Kef system

Please find my introduction of my system.

Yamaha RX-497 (2ch. stereo receiver)
Yamaha CDX-397 (cd-player)
KEF Q5 (floorstanding speakers, spiked)
DAP interconnects
Inakustik silver 2x2,5mm (speaker cable)

Sharp LCD 42xl2e

I purchased this setup in 2007.

Room size
4,25m1 width x 2,7m1 hight x 7,8m1
sitting position form speakers aprox. 4m1 on sofa

What do you think of my setup? please share your thoughts.

Would i benefit in soundquality, if i replace my speakers to bookshelves, Dali Zensor1 / Lekor1 / MA BX2 and place them on the TV cupboard? (reason small children knocking the floor of standmounters down)

How can i insert a picture, (file browsing disabled in the URL browser??)

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RE: Yamaha/Kef system

Hi dalwen,

I can help with the pic uploading:   http://www.whathifi.com/forum/off-topic-and-miscellaneous/how-to-post-photos-to-the-forum

Worked for me!



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RE: Yamaha/Kef system

Thnx EO, that works very well!! Here is the pic belonging to my former post and questions

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RE: Yamaha/Kef system

Wow, clean setup. :clap:

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RE: Yamaha/Kef system

Very smart.

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RE: Yamaha/Kef system

Looks good. I have been advised standmounts but prefer floor. My old chestnut again ... some modest room treatment would work wonders

Yamaha V2065. MS Mezzo 5.1 Panasonic 42. Sony BD. Garrard 86SB. WD Live TV. SkyHD.



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