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B&W 805 Matrix speaker stands

I recently bought these mint condition B&W 805 Matrix speakers on Ebay from a German seller. I used to own a pair in 1997/1998 and stupidly sold them to buy the 805 Nautilus.


I have just completed making my own stands, replicating the original design seen in the B&W brochure from the Matrix series era.


Rest of my system is a marantz PM17KI MK2 and a Marantz CD6004. Cables are Kimber Select interconnects and Kimber 8TC speaker cables.


At the moment, the CD player is the weak link. I am looking for a used Proceed CDP or CDD/DAP combination to complete my original system


B&W 805 matrix speaker stand


B&W 805 matrix speaker stand base

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RE: B&W 805 Matrix speaker stands




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RE: B&W 805 Matrix speaker stands

They look great...welcome to the forum btw!

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