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wireless internet tv streaming

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Hi there iam looking for an product that will allow me to stream tv from the internet to my tv over a wireless network. and am totally unsure if all the media player do this. iam doing a spanish degree and need to get spanish channels from the internet. would the d link dsm do this or can anyone recomend a solution.



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Re: wireless internet tv streaming

This can be tricky.

If you are streaming saved content from your hard drive then your options are almost endless. However, if you want to forward live internet images (which are streaming to your PC) on to your TV then that can be awkward. I recently sought a solution to this and in the end I just bought a cheap laptop, about 4 years old, with a 'TV out' and ran it straight into my TV. As far as the laptop is concerned the TV is just a secondary monitor. This is by far and away the simplest and most reliable and most cost effective way of solving this problem. However, it is of course not nearly as neat as a simple software solution. (And also not nearly as pricey!) If you have a few hundred quid to spare then you could invest in a high end AV sender. But for me, all things considered, spending £80 on an old laptop was a much better value solution.

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Re: wireless internet tv streaming

Hi, only a few weeks late! This is what I am intending to do too.

Im looking into buying a Sony PS3, with this you can surf the net, treat it basically as a PC, so you can stream internet TV directly onto whatever TV its connected too. I'l be taking advantage of things like BBC iplayer, 4od etc. It has wi-fi built in and a very decent blu-ray player. Im not too bothered about using it as a games machine just a nice compact media centre.

Any other advice would be appreciated if anyone disagrees.

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Re: wireless internet tv streaming

how do you stream, streamed tv, ie bbc i player through ps3.


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