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RE: 37" TV suggestions please.

Chebby, I'm with you. Our main TV is currently 20" and we're very happy with it. However we are considering an 'upgrade' but SWMBO has mandated an absolute upper limit of 32" - because, as you said, the imposing blank screen when not in use.



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RE: 37" TV suggestions please.

I must get bob.g and chebby to visit me in Edinburgh sometime ..... I just ignore the blank screens!

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RE: 37" TV suggestions please.

Son_of_SJ wrote:

I must get bob.g and chebby to visit me in Edinburgh sometime ..... I just ignore the blank screens!

And that's how I want things to be. An elegant, not too big, TV that is ignorable when not in use rather than some enormous slab of black dominating that part of the room. One of the great things about flat screens - compared to those old CRT monsters - is their slimness and lightness.

I went to a lot of effort over the years to minimise the hi-fi (no more large black rack full of black boxes) and I don't want to ruin things with a large black telly. (Sorry but, for us, 40"  is where 'large' starts* unless I get lucky enough to buy a baronial hall or tithe barn to convert into a home cinema!)

TV simply doesn't give enough back, often enough, to devote serious chunks of space to it. Even with the Humax ( to record only those things we like), it is hard to find 2 hours of worthwhile viewing for the evening in any given day.

*We didn't need anything more than a 14" Sony Trinitron portable  for many years. Our biggest widescreen CRT was about 29" (IIRC) so I don't get why we'd need more than 32" or 37" especially now picture quality is so much better.


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RE: 37" TV suggestions please.

The fireplace is the main focal point in our living room. 


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