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RE: Homemade cleaning fluid for Knosti record cleaner

Finding distilled water or IPA in a shop is a ballache and a half, I've had plenty of funny looks just asking about them. Is distilled water really necessary? Deionized water is readily available, is it that different?

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RE: Homemade cleaning fluid for Knosti record cleaner

I don't have trouble buying isopropyl alcohol in my country - in every Bauhaus (DIY, home, workshop, garden) type of store in the paints section or in every paints store. It's cheap and you can also use it from time to time to clean bicycle disk brakes or rims if you're breaking the old fashioned way. I’m using IPA since the days of cassette decks.

Some say that IPA is not to be used for cleaning records though, that you should use ethanol. Bioethanol is now available in some places. Some prefer 1:1 ratio of ethanol:water.

Distilled water you can buy everywhere - people use it for ironing. I have no idea what deionized water is.

Also Kodak Foto-Flo should do the same job as Ilfotol.

If not available in local stores, you can find the stuff on ebay.

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RE: Homemade cleaning fluid for Knosti record cleaner

I use distilled water with a spoonful of white vinegar and a few drops of dishwasher rinse-aid (used washing-up liquid originally until someone told me it contains salt, which is corrosive, oops). It works really well, but I haven't compared it with the isopropyl mixture as that's hard to get hold of nowadays.

When I first investigated the Knosti, I read that the solution supplied actually leaves a residue which can build up on the stylus, so I definitely wouldn't recommend getting hold of more of it now it's been used up.

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