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RE: Denon CEOL RCD N8 Issues and problems

Further to my post regarding wireless connection from Denon CEOL and router, turns out it was not a problem with the router afterall.  The CEOL was setup to only receive security signal at  WEP strength  otherwise it kept dropping out.  The router was set at WPA2K+ . Since there was a firmware upgrade on the denon, it can now continuously stream without interruption yet the security level on the router is still set at wpa2k + . Hope this helps anyone with wireless issues with the CEOL.

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RE: Denon CEOL RCD N8 Issues and problems

I bought an N7 Ceol in November 2010.  It failed three times (iPod dock not functioning, then, finally, it died completely, not switching on).


Denon replaced it with an N8 (with my retaining the original speakers) in late 2012.  The iPod dock was faulty again within three weeks.  The N8 has just perished also - won't switch on.


In fairness to Denon, they are repairing it without expense, even though it was purchased more than three years ago.


However, I have NO optimism that this repair will any longer-lasting than the first three.


I can't imagine what they're doing making such faulty equipment.  I'm just so pleased I didn't buy any of their, "high-end", AV stuff.

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Just updated online my Denon

Just updated online my Denon RCD-N8 with the latest firmware as of version 2.59, but now the treble become so bad.. the audio quality is also very poor.. i have no idea how to downgrade the firmware to previous one..  Guys, give me a solution please..


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