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banana plugs

hi all

on my amp instuctions it informs me that it is illegal to fit banna plugs in the back of my amp, is there any reason for this and will the cops really be breaking down my door if i was to transgress the law on this


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Re: banana plugs

What amp is it?

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Re: banana plugs

Don't worry, the Rozzers have not targetted illegal banana plug use yet. It is an EU thing designed to prevent people plugging their speaker cables into the mains. 

You'll probably find some plastic 'blanks' in the sockets that can easily be levered out with a small screwdriver.

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Re: banana plugs

Hi its an Onyko TX-SR608

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Re: banana plugs

As Chebby says you will probably find some plastic blanks. I have a different Onkyo receiver and removed these from mine so that I could use banana plugs.

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