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I have never ever felt the

I have never ever felt the need for tone controls in any system that I have owned , they are such a blunt instrument and can do more harm than good imo .
I suppose they can be useful in some extreme cases or in rooms with very bad acoustics were there is no other alternative .

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RE: I have never ever felt the

I've had many amps without, but now after having the Accuphase, I don't think I'd be without them... to be fair, I don't twiddle with them much.



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RE: I have never ever felt the

We are talking about some very different things here.

The gentle use of tone controls as described in several recent posts is not an issue, sure they are as described 'pretty blunt instruments' but they can be helpful.

On the other hand as a dealer I used to see a fair number of systems that have been overdriven and destroyed by injudicious use of bass and volume controls and the problem seems to be common even today. The usual explanation, "it's only a 50 watt amplifier and the speakers are 100 watt" was heard time and time again and apparently still is.

A lot of users simply don't want to know about the 'the technicalities' (we hear it on here all the time) and blame everything on the dealer or the equipment which is why we mostly, as dealers, avoided this sector of the market as far as we could.

A couple of arguments with customers over warantees soon set us right.

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RE: Tone controls

Overdriving speakers is one of the main problems of damaged  speakers  , thats why buying a higher rated amplier is able to deliver cleaner power to the speakers , which helps to avoid clipping, and therefore speaker damage .

Want more bass why not buy floorstanders instead of bookshelf speakers or add a sub, if room limitation is a problem.

I myself have a subwoofer so it frees the mid and treble to do there job more effectively.



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