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New amp smell....

Am I the only one that loves 'new amp' smell, Its so much better than 'new car' smell, you know the smell I'm talking right.

hmmmmm, its better than 'new leather shoes' smell too, I love it..... am I the only one?

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RE: New amp smell....

You are not alone! Smile

Last year I slept with my new speakers (curled up like a baby around the stands) cause they smelt better than my missus hair  :shhh:

Def my favourite smell in the whole universe :cheers:

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RE: New amp smell....

 I have never noticed any smells comming from my gear only when I blew both mid bass units in my mission 752s  Smile

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RE: New amp smell....

In the Stephen King novel about a haunted car named Christine, one of the characters (a dirty old man) declares "I love the smell of a new car! The only thing better is the smell of -----!" :bounce:

The blank wasn't "a new amp" but hey, it works for me! (as does what was in the blank!) Dance 4

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RE: New amp smell....

You lot are beginning to worry me lol!

My harbeth's have a very distinct walnut smell about them and the Sugden used to give off a smell of an electric fire!


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RE: New amp smell....

That must be the "burning-in". Wink

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RE: New amp smell....

Neuphonix wrote:

You are not alone! Smile

Last year I slept with my new speakers (curled up like a baby around the stands) cause they smelt better than my missus hair  :shhh:

Def my favourite smell in the whole universe :cheers:



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RE: New amp smell....

My Pioneer's smell good!

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RE: New amp smell....

i have a permentely blocked nose
but my hi fi is good enough to eat when its heated up.

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RE: New amp smell....

The best smell was unboxing my XXLS400 sub from BK.


I’m quite odd with smell anyway, I order stuff from Amazon or the like and have delivered to work and smell everything I buy.

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RE: New amp smell....

I can't remember what a new amp smells like, it's 19 years since I bought one. I do, however, love the smell of a new Texas Instruments calculator though.

Yeah, I know, wierdo!!  :shifty:

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RE: New amp smell....

I haven't the faintest idea. The only thing in the last 30yrs bought new rather than than ex-demo or 2nd hand was my DAC which didn't smell of anything. However, I'm expecting delivery by the end of the month of a 5 tier Hi Fi Racks rack to replace my Target steel-framed one & a matching wall-mounted plinth that my CD sits on at eye level. I'd expect it to smell of oak & perhaps some glue residual.

Unpacking new stuff for the first time is pretty exciting, of course.

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