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Linn K9 stylus - replacement options

I have a linn axis turntable which has served me well for quite a few years now.  It has the Linn K9 cartridge fitted on what I think is the Basik arm.  I was going to use it last night for the first time in many months, but I noticed that the stylus had been bent right back, and of course after meddling with it, it has broken off.

Ah well,  thinks I, I'm probably overdue a new stylus anyway, but it seems that the K9 cartridge is no longer manufactured and I cannot get a replacement stylus. 

It's not really a good time to be splashing out £200 on a Linn Adikt cartridge which I assume is the obvious replacement, so I'd appreciate any advise on what my options are both short and longer term. 

I've read somewhere that the Audio-Technica AT95E stylus will (kind-of) fit into the K9 cartridge, but is this my best option in the short term or should I be looking for a replacement cartridge anyway and are then any alternatives to the Linn Adikt that might be a little more attainable right now.


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Re: Linn K9 stylus - replacement options

OK, not too much joy with the original question.  I've just spoken to my local Linn dealer who confirmed the K9 is not available and the adikt is the logical upgrade.  But I can't afford that right now, so can anyone recommend a budget cartridge to tide me over.

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Re: Linn K9 stylus - replacement options

I'd suggest the Audio Technica AT-95E, at around the £25 mark, or if you want to spend a bit more the AT-120E at about £45. Goldring's Elektra is also well-respected, and costs about £35, while around £25 will also buy you an Ortofon OM5E. Any of these will be more than good enough as a temporary measure.

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RE: Linn K9 stylus - replacement options

Children leaving home and I have unpacked my Linn Axis after 10 years in mothballs!

I suspect the stylus could do with replacing.  So can kdband's questions be answered again with a 2014 flavour?  What is a reasonably priced (up to £60?) replacement for the original K9 on the Linn Basik arm?

Many thanks.

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RE: Linn K9 stylus - replacement options

As Andrew said some six years ago, the AT95 is almost a like for like replacement for the K9.

Personally I prefer the Ortofon sound but you may feel different.


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