You can't argue with the convenience of streaming TV shows and films, and with HD and even 4K video now available, the quality is now available to match. But which are the best streaming video services?

We've looked at the best catch-up TV apps and on-demand movie and TV services, to find out which delivers the best performance-per-pound value, based on usability, content and cost. And our verdict is...

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Best on-demand service

BBC iPlayer

Reviewed on 23rd October 2015 at

From free

With quality programmes, downloadable shows and a great interface, BBC iPlayer is the best video-on-demand service out there and have we mentioned it’s completely free?

To watch programmes live you will need to pay the licence fee, but if you use iPlayer solely for catching up and downloading shows, it is completely, utterly and totally free.

No wonder it was our streaming service Product of the Year for 2015.

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Best subscription service


Reviewed on 14th October 2016 at

From £6/month

It's not just the most recognisable name in TV and movies on-demand, Netflix is also one of the big players with it comes to 4K content. Offering a range of programmes in 4K, including House of Cards and Breaking Bad, it's hard to argue with the app's wider library. 

Couple this with fantastic compatibility - we struggled to find a device that didn't have a Netflix app - and Full HD programming with 5.1 surround, an ever-improving roster of original programming and you've got yourself an excellent package.

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