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System Audio's eclectic speaker range is coming to the UK

System Audio speaker brand comes to the UK
(Image credit: System Audio)

System Audio's vast range of speakers are coming to the UK courtesy of distributor Karma-AV.

The Denmark-based brand has produced hand-built speakers since 1984, with an expansive catalogue that now comprises floorstanders, standmounts, on-wall speakers, home theatre satellites and subwoofers – available in typically Scandinavian minimalist, white and black satin finishes and ranging from entry-level prices to high-end, passive designs to active.

(Image credit: System Audio)

Karma-AV will carry the entire System Audio line-up, comprising five Legend Silverback active speakers with network hubs, from £2400 to £7000 pair; six passive Legend speakers from £1450 to £5000 pair (some of which can be upgraded to active designs with a special amp module); and the eleven-strong Saxo range of passive and active models, from £379 pair to £1450 pair.

System Audio speakers will be available from late May.


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