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Samsung overtakes Apple to take no.1 smartphone spot

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung shipped 10 million more smartphones than Apple in the last quarter, making the company the world's number one smartphone manufacturer by sales.

The company, already the world's no.1 manufacturer of TVs and the maker of our award-winning smartphone the Galaxy S II, took 23.8% of the market according to marketing and research consultancy, Strategy Analytics, selling 27.8m smartphones.

Apple, which released its iPhone 4S earlier this month, took second place, selling 17.1m phones, a 14.6% share of the smartphone market.

Nokia, which announced its latest smartphones yesterday, was in third position – though it remained in top spot when lower cost mobiles were taken in to account.

The global smartphone market climbed 44% year-on-year, selling 117 million units.

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