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NEWS: Mk3 KEF 'eggs' go glossy

This is the new Mk3 version of the original KEF 'egg' speaker system, the KHT2005.3.

Available from next month, it comes with a new subwoofer and an improved desktop mount on the satellite speakers, and will be available in a high gloss black finish as well as the usual matt silver.

The system will sell for a penny short of £700.

The KHT2005.3 system comprises four HTS2001.3 satellites, an HTC2001.3 centre speaker and the new KUBE-2 subwoofer. The five little speakers use the same multidirectional mount found on the KHT3005 speakers, giving better stability and a wider range of positioning options.

They also use KEF's acclaimed Uni-Q speaker system, comprising a mid/bass driver with a tweeter at its centre. The version in these speakers is 10cm model, and uses neodymium magnets.

The new subwoofer, which will also be available separately, combines a 25.4cm woofer with a 200W amplifier, in a 23-litre enclosure. It also has a bass boost function, enabling its output to be tailored to the room or user preference.