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Mymanu Clik wireless earbuds translate languages in real time

Do you remember the Babel Fish, the little translating organism from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy? Mymanu is aiming for a technological equivalent with the Clik, a pair of headphones that can translate "any one of 37 languages into the wearer’s native tongue, in real time".

The headphones have been on sale for a while, but the company is demonstrating them at the Mobile World Congress this year before a global launch.

Both you and the person you're conversing with need a pair of Cliks, which are then connected to the app via Bluetooth. Users then share a passcode and the app translates the conversation into your chosen languages.

There's also an option for group calls, so this could theoretically benefit international businesses.

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Clik also offers notifications, including text alerts, and a touch sensor in the earbuds for playback control over your music.

Mymanu claims to be the only company to "develop and demonstrate language recognition and translating in-ear earphones", but Waverly Labs has also developed a similar product, the Pilot translation kit.

The Pilot has similar functionality to the Clik, but have the benefit of being sold in pairs, rather than requiring the purchase of a second kit.

The Clik is currently available for £155, with shipping starting in May. Bonne chance!

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