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Save 77% (yes, really) on KEF Porsche Design noise-cancelling headphones

Save 77% (yes, really) on KEF Porsche Design headphones at NewEgg
(Image credit: KEF)

If you're on the market for a new set of over-ears (and even if you aren't), we have spotted an outrageous deal on a set of KEF noise-cancelling headphones you really ought to take a look at. 

KEF, the British hi-fi manufacturer best known for its excellent speakers, also turns out some smart headphones, and the company's Space One Porsche Design wired pair has just had its price utterly torn down at the online retail site NewEgg.

As if slashing the price of these $380 cans to $179 wasn't enough (a $201 saving, making them less than half price) you can now use the code 'KEF39' at checkout and get an extra $90 off, making them only $89.

What will $89 get you? Let's see: 40mm drivers tuned by KEF engineers that the company promises deliver crisp high tones, rich midrange and tight bass. 

You'll also get a sweat-resistant leatherette headband and ear cups, aluminium band clamps for acoustic isolation, plus the all-important active noise cancellation that's powered by AAA batteries.


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