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CES NEWS: Panasonic to launch the world's largest plasma TV – yours for £50,000

Panasonic is expected to unveil the world's biggest plasma TV at CES in Las Vegas tomorrow.

The 150in monster is as tall as a human at six feet high and is a massive 11 feet wide!

It reportedly weighs more than 500lbs and is expected to cost at least £50,000. Apparently it can show footballers in actual size.

The 150in set will dwarf previous giant-size models. Two years ago Panasonic showed a 103in TV at CES, and last year Sharp went even bigger with an LCD screen measuring 108 inches.

The only snag (apart from the price!) is that viewers will need a very, very large living room to accommodate it as they'll need to sit at least 30ft from the screen to watch it.

Sounds like the perfect toy for the man (or woman) who has everything... including a very large house.

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