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Cello's budget 3D TVs take a bow

A 42in 3D TV for just £499? No, it's not a fiddle – it's a Cello.

Just announced by UK-based Cello Electronics are two Full HD 3D TV LCD TVs offering the full 3D experience at prices starting from the right side of £500.

As well as that 42in model, there's also a 47in at £699, and each set comes with four free pairs of 3D glasses, with additional pairs available at £19.99.

The Cello sets use LG's passive 3D technology, and have two HDMI inputs, an EPG and a USB socket allowing recording to a connected device.

Cello director Brian Palmer says he was initially unsure about the future of 3D, 'but the quality of 3D vision now available and the number of new 3D films coming onto the market this year guarantees success for this new technology.

'Sky now has one 3D channel and existing subscribers who already have Sky’s full package can get it free of charge. I’m sure many other 3D channels will also launch in the near future, making ownership of a 3D TV even more appealing.'

The new range will be available from late June from various online retailers including Marks & Spencer, Freemans, TV Village, Grattans, Express Gifts and EBuyer.

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