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Cambridge Audio announces Solo and Duo phono stages

The Solo is a dedicated moving magnet phono stage, while the Duo also supports turntables with moving coil cartridges – hence the nature of their names.

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But that wouldn’t be the first thing you’d ring in a game of Spot the Difference.

While the Solo’s fascia is adorned with a simple LED light, the Duo adds a 6.3mm headphone output and volume control, combining its phono stage with a headphone amplifier.

The Solo and Duo both use short signal paths designed to help reduce distortion and a compact design that Cambridge claims to be more energy efficient. The Duo automatically switches to standby mode if unused for twenty minutes.

Both phono stages also feature a rear-mounted balance control designed to trim channel level imbalances in cartridges.

The Solo and Duo go on sale in January for £150 and £250 respectively.


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