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BRISTOL NEWS: Say hello to 'Susano', Pioneer's new flagship home cinema amplifier

Star of the Pioneer stand here at Bristol is the company's new flagship multichannel amplifier, the 'Susano' SC-LX90. It's due on sale in late spring/early summer.

Delivering 200w across all seven channels, the SC-LX90 has a new, Direct Energy HD amplifier developed together with ICEpower.

It handles all the new high-definition audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD master Audio, and is THX Ultra2 Plus certified.

It's also designed to comply with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) guidelines for home network devices. This means it can access all the digital media files on your home network, such as music files, still photos and even high-def videos.

The SC-LX90 also incorporates the latest version of Pioneer's MCACC (Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration) auto set-up system and uses Wolfson WM8741GEDS digital-to-analogue converters.

It can upscale video to 1080p and the sound was tuned at Air Studios in London.

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