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Bluesound adds Spotify Connect to its wireless speaker range

Bluesound family

Bluesound, the new wireless music system from Lenbrook, is to add Spotify Connect to its expanding collection of digital music services. A software release to implement the upgrade will be available from July 1st.

Spotify Connect can be streamed to multiple Bluesound players simultaneously, via a wired or wireless home network. Owners will need a Spotify Premium subscription, and will need to upgrade their Bluesound players to software version 1.10.0 or higher. They'll also need to download the updated iOS app v1.10.0 or Android app v1.10.0.

"Spotify Connect is a perfect addition to Bluesound's digital and streaming technologies. Our users will get the best of both worlds: true andreliable hi-fi, along with Spotify Connect's effortless control of music across your phone, tablet and the Bluesound ecosystem," says Greg Stidsen, Bluesound's director of technology and product planning.

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Spotify Connect embeds the music streaming service into wireless audio systems from a variety of manufacturers, allowing you to play your Spotify library on the product itself (rather than streaming it from your mobile device) and just using the Spotify app on your smartphone or tablet to control it.

Spotify Connect is compatible wth iOS and Android devices. It's available on products from Yamaha, Pioneer, Samsung, Bang & Olufsen, among others – and now Bluesound.

Unlike rival system Sonos, Bluesound can handle high-resolution 24-bit music files. Other technical highlights include a Direct Digital 35-bit, 844kHz amplifier and ARM Cortex A8 processor.

by Andy Clough

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