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Best record player deals 2020: turntables for all budgets

To the uninitiated, turntables can seem intimidating, pricey things. But with the vinyl revival in full swing, there are some awesome record player deals to be had - and some great budget turntables on the market.

Whether you're planning to purchase your first turntable, you can save big on turntables from Sony, Audio Technica, Rega, Yamaha and more. 

Want a cheap record player for the kids? Or looking to upgrade your existing music system? We've tracked down the best record player deals around, as well as the cheapest prices on our favorite turntables.

Audio-Technica AT-LP3 $249 $199 at Crutchfield
Affordable, easy to use and capable of entertaining sound, the LP3 ticks all the boxes you want in an entry-level deck. And at this price, it's even more tempting than usual. Save $50 on the white version of this five-star record player.View Deal

Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB $299 $249 at Amazon
This direct drive deck is supplied with an aluminium platter, Audio-Technica AT-P2 cartridge and tone-arm and plays 33.3, 45 and 78rpm. It also boasts a built-in preamp and a USB output for archiving your vinyl too. A good package now with a $50 discount.View Deal