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50% off Jabra wireless headphones for Black Friday 2019

50% off Jabra wireless headphones in Black Friday sale
(Image credit: Jabra)

If you're after a pair of budget headphones with decent sound and impressive wireless connectivity, head over to Amazon's Black Friday sale. You can pick up the Jabra Move Style Edition cans for half-price.

The tempting deal sees the price drop from £89.99 to £44.99 – a healthy saving of 50%.

Jabra Move Style Edition Wireless Bluetooth Headphones £89.99 £44.99 at Amazon
Jabra started out making wireless headsets, so they know a thing or two about Bluetooth. That engineering expertise has been poured into these budget wireless headphones, which offer 14 hours of battery life and detailed sound. Now half-price, they're great pound-for-pound performers. View Deal

In our review of the no-frills Jabra Move Wireless headphones, we said: "These have all the important elements of good Bluetooth headphones, including enjoyable sound with decent clarity and detail."

The Move 'Style Edition' – the more recent model that Amazon's offering for half price – steps things up with a longer battery life and a premium design. Features include automatic pairing mode for fast and easy pairing, two microphones for True HD calls, plus a claimed 14 hours of playback per charge.

If you do run out of battery, or can’t connect wirelessly, simply attach the included 3.5 mm cable to carry on listening.

One thing about the older Jabra Move's that didn't impress us was the flimsy ear cups. Thankfully Jabra claim to have fixed that issue, with these Move 'Style Edition' cans boasting plusher padding.

Amazon's 50% off Black Friday deal applies to the Jabra Move Style Edition Wireless models in all three colours: Gold Beige, Navy Blue and Titanium Black. Take your pick...