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Sennheiser MM200 review

Yes, we know the lanyard design is a bit unusual, but get beyond that and what you get is good musicality and detailing from these headphones Tested at £99.00

Our Verdict

In terms of detail, clarity and musicality you could do a lot worse


  • Good detailing and sonic performance, lightweight


  • Odd lanyard design

These Sennheiser in-ear headphones are wired directly to the Bluetooth dongle that hangs on a lanyard around your neck like a referee's whistle.

It seems a little fussy at first, but its lightweight design isn't intrusive.

Listening to Foo Fighters' My Hero, there's not quite the scale nor immediacy we might expect, but in terms of detail, clarity and musicality, it's one of the best availble.

There's always a premium for Bluetooth functionality but these earphones disguise it better than most – so long as you can get along with the lanyard design.

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General Information

Product NameSennheiser MM200