Our Verdict 
Not quite the same level of insight as Sennheiser's pricier IE7s or IE8s, but they remain a great purchase
Comfortable and secure
punchy bass
clear midrange
Treble displays a touch of sibilance
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The cheapest members of Sennheiser's IE range of high-end in-ears share the same basic design as their bigger brothers, with the cord going over the ear (with or without the help of the included ear-clips) and the buds sitting very comfortably and securely in the ear canal.

Typically SennheiserThey share the same basic sonic characteristics tool – chunky, punchy bass, and a clear, detailed midrange. The more expensive IE7 and IE8s have greater insight overall, but for the price these are excellent.

There's a little sibilance to the treble and they occasionally get confused by busy sections, though, and this holds them back from five stars.