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Sennheiser HD 408 review

These Sennheiser over-ears will certainly appeal to those who are after plenty of bass with their music Tested at £34.00

Our Verdict

Not the last word in definition, but they will appeal to fans of smooth, bassy grooves


  • Deep bass
  • comfortable fit
  • decent design


  • Overbearing bass

We know there are lots of people out there for whom deep bass is at the very top of their list of sonic priorities.

For them, the Sennheiser HD 408's promise of ‘bass-driven sound' will be very enticing, but we've listened to enough pairs of headphones to realise that such promises rarely come without a catch.

And yes, there is a catch here. The bass is deep and weighty, certainly, but it's also rather overbearing and takes too much of the focus and nuance away from vocals.

Having said that, those sacrifices are less explicit compared to many headphones with similarly bassy aims. Add a very comfortable fit and you've got a decent budget option.

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