$100m investment in new content could see up to 25 hours of original programming on YouTube every day from next year

Google-owned YouTube is mounting a major challenge to the traditional TV industry with the planned launch of 100 online channels of original programming in 2012, from partners including the Wall Street Journal, Lionsgate, Madonna and online magazine Slate, reports The Guardian.

Google is investing around $100m to entice producers to launch new channels, with the aim of creating about 25 hours of new, original programming a day from next year.

Media organisations launching channels include Thomson Reuters, Slate, satire site The Onion and Cosmopolitan owner Hearst.

Among the TV production companies and film studios getting involved are Lionsgate, the US company behind Mad Men and Nurse Jackie, which is creating a fitness channel, and X Factor co-producer FremantleMedia, which is to launch a pets and animals channel.

Google has also announced a new version of Google TV, adding search tools that expand results to include shows on cable or web-based services like Netflix and Amazon.

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