As you may already have read in our news story, we've just had an exclusive briefing on all Yamaha's new 2009 models, including its entire multichannel receiver range, new hi-fi systems, speakers and iPod docks.

Just to recap, here are the key highlights of the five new multichannel receivers (with pictures), priced from £250 to around £800.


Yamaha RX-V365: £250, available May

5.1, 100W/channel, 1080p-compatible HDMI (two in/one out), YPAO sound optimisation, compressed music enhancer, Cinema DSP with eight programmes, Silent Cinema mode, sold with NS-P280 speaker package.


Yamaha RX-V465: £350, available May

5.1, 105W/channel, HD audio decoding, 1080p-compatible HDMI (four in/one out), YPAO sound optimisation, new Scene functionality, 17 Cinema DSP modes.


Yamaha RX-V565: £450, available May

7.1, 90W/channel, HD audio decoding, HDMI (four in/one out), 1080p video upscaling, YPAO sound optimisation, Scene functionality, on-screen display, 17 DSP modes with adaptive DSP level, Silent Cinema and Virtual Cinema modes.


Yamaha RX-V765: £tbc, available July

7.1, 95W/channel, HD audio decoding with high-quality discrete amplification circuitry, HDMI (four in/one out), 1080p video upscaling, Pure Direct mode, YPAO sound optimisation, multizone operation, Cinema DSP 3D.


Yamaha RX-V1065: £tbc, available July

7.1, 105W/channel, HD audio decoding, HDMI (four in/one out), 1080p video upscaling, new GUI, YPAO sound optimisation, iPod compatibility, Bluetooth A2DP, lip-sync adjustment, Cinema DSP 3D.

Further up the multichannel receiver range, the RX-V1900 (£1000) and RX-V3900 (£1500) continue as before, as do the flagship DSP-Z7 (£1960) and DSP-Z11 (£4900) multichannel amps.

Those models won't be replaced until 2010. And there'll be no new Blu-ray player to replace the BD-S2900 (£685) until later this year.

Other highlights of Yamaha's 2009 range include a new home cinema soundbar, the £399 YAS-71 due in May, and two new TV stands with built-in surround sound, the YRS-1000 (£899) and YRS-2000 (£999) due out in May and June respectively.

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Yamaha YAS-71: £399, available May

Home cinema soundbar with subwoofer, four surround modes, Air Surround Xtreme technology, 70W x 2 + 70W subwoofer, Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro-Logic II, iPod and Bluetooth compatibility, FM tuner, compressed music enhancer, available in gloss black.

Yamaha YRS-1000: £899, available May

TV stand with built-in digital amplifier, 16 beam speakers, 62W + 50W subwoofer, 1080p-compatible HDMI (two in/one out), 1080p/24Hz processing, IntelliBeam auto set-up, compatible with Panasonic Viera Link. Measures (WHD) 116 x 50 x41.5cm.


Yamaha YRS-2000: £999, available June

As YRS-1000, but large enough for 60in TVs, IntelliBeam auto calibration, direct start function from remote control. Measures (WHD) 160 x 50 x 42cm.

That covers the home cinema range, now for the new hi-fi products which include mini and micro systems, iPod docks and speakers.

Yamaha M-330 micro system: £299, available May

20W x 2 RMS, iPod dock, USB port, CD player with CD text, 30-station FM/DAB radio (band III), two-way bass reflex speakers included.


Yamaha MCS-1330 mini system: £999, available June

Mini component system comprising CD player, stereo receiver and speakers. iPod dock, FM tuner, 60W x 2, USB port, aluminium front panel, Burr Brown DSD791 DAC, pure direct mode, gold-plated speaker terminals.


Yamaha PDX-30 iPod dock: £129, available May

Portable iPod dock available in black, blue, grey and pink, 15W x 2, twin 8cm speakers.

Yamaha PDX-50 iPod dock: £199, available May

Includes Yamaha's AirWired technology to send uncompressed, linear PCM audio directly from your iPod or iPhone to the dock. Allows auto power on and selection of tracks/volume via the iPod. Comes with a separate charging cradle.

Yamaha TSX-120 desktop system: £299, available May

Desktop iPod docking system with FM/DAB radio, 30 presets, dual alarm, sleep and snooze modes, real-wood top panel, four DSP modes, 15W x 2, available in black and white.


Yamaha TSX-130 desktop system: £349, available May

Same as TSX-120 but with addition of USB port and CD player.


Yamaha NS-700 speakers: £300-£1000, available June

NS-B700 two-way surround speaker £400 (above)

NS-F700 three-way floorstanding speaker £1000

NS-C700 two-way centre speaker £300

NS-SW700 300W subwoofer £500

Yamaha Soavo-1 piano black speaker: £3000, available June

Latest, upgraded version of Yamaha's flagship floorstanding speaker with advanced PMD diaphragm woofers and midrange drivers, edge-wound ribbon wire voice coil, neodymium midrange and tweeter magnets, diecast aluminium tweeter plate.