WireWorld set to launch two new high-end USB Audio cables

wireworld platinum starlight

Due on sale in January, the new models are the Silver Starlight, which starts at £249 for a 1m length, and Platinum Starlight, at £499 for a metre. Both cables will be available in lengths of up to 10m.

WireWorld says that both cables use a new 'DNA Helix' conductor layout, using six signal conductors 'arranged in an innovative symmetrical geometry that provides precisely balanced 90-ohm impedance that far exceeds the official USB specification.

'The DNA Helix design maximises transmission speed while minimising noise, thus reducing digital jitter to provide substantial overall improvements in sound quality.

'Another special feature of the cables is a power conductor that is fully isolated from the signal conductors to preserve signal purity.'

The Platinum Starlight cable uses moulded carbon fibre connectors and solid silver conductors, while Silver Starlight has aluminium connectors and silver-plated OFC conductors.

WireWorld founder David Salz says that 'When I first began testing [them] a few years ago, I was surprised by how easy it was to hear the sonic differences between various USB cables.

'Of course, a direct connection between the computer and DAC sounded much cleaner and more lifelike than any of the cables, so I proceeded to develop cables that approached that level of sonic purity.

'I am confident that the uniquely lifelike sound quality of these new cables will be well received.'

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